''On Wings of Blood: An Aeronautica Anthology''
Gav Thorpe, Matt Westbrook, E J Davies, J C Stearns, Matt Smith

ISBN: 9781784968861 | 544 pages | 14 Mb


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On Wings of Blood: An Aeronautica Anthology Gav Thorpe, Matt Westbrook, E J Davies, J C Stearns, Matt Smith
Publisher: Games Workshop

A collection of stories featuring air combat in the 41st millenium. Stories that make up the collection: Medusan Wings - Matt Westbrook
Raptor Down - Gav Thorpe
Sturmhex - E J Davies
Wraithbound - J C Stearns
In Service Eternal - Matt Smith
Stormseeker - Alec Worley
The Emperor's Grace - Nicolas Alexander
Wraithflight - Guy Haley
Doom Flight - Cavan Scott
Ancient History - Andy Chambers
Acceptable Losses - Gav Thorpe
Wings of Bone - James Swallow

In the war-torn galaxy of the 41st millennium, battle for the blood-soaked skies is fierce and deadly. Brutal Space Marine gunships and Imperial Navy fighters duel against flying horrors, alien interceptors and Chaos craft of every hellish design, for the supremacy of the air is as vital an objective as any battlefield.

Featuring stories of death-defying pilots and squadrons of deadly far-future aircraft by authors including Gav Thorpe, James Swallow, Andy Chambers, Cavan Scott and many more...